by Mola Kalejaiye on December 05, 2020

There's been so much hype around the headband wigs these days, and we're going to be spilling all the tea about one of the best things that happened to lazies like me :) 


What You Will Learn From This Article 

  • What's a Headband Wig?
  • Features of the Headband Wig 
  • How to Wear the Headband Wig 
  • Advantages of the Headband Wig? 
  • Benefits of the Headband Wig

First,What is a Headband Wig? 

Headband wigs, just as its name implies, are wigs with a headband attached, and the hair is sewn on a soft wig cap. One of my favorite things about these wigs is that they give you the ability to 'get up & go' in seconds. The wigs are secured with clips and adjustable velcro straps to fit all head sizes. The wig headband is very lightweight and designed with your comfort in mind.  


What Are The Features of The Headband Wig? 

The headband wigs are very lightweight, so you won't feel heavy or sweaty. They are machine wefted, with a breathable mesh cap.  You can be rest assured that your headband wig will not fall off until you remove it yourself, as they are fitted with an adjustable velcro strap to secure the wig. The open lace and the stretchy headband makes it more comfortable than traditional human hair wigs. Other key features which make the headband wig a big hit are: durability, affordability and the natural look. 


How Do You Wear a Headband Wig?

Yes! You can 'Get Up & Go' in minutes with a headband wig! Slayed edges of not, you'll look gorgeous and chic!!! 

  • Brush your natural hair and wear a wig stocking cap (optional but recommended)
  • Wear the wig and snap the Velcro straps to secure the wig
  • Style as desired and wear a headband of your choice ( you get a free started headband, an edge control brush and a surprise gift when you purchase a Mizzo Headband Wig) 


Now Let's Talk About The Benefits Of a Headband Wig?

1.Protect Your Edges 

Protective styling is key and the headband wig is just what you need to protect your edges. You don't need to spend time cutting lace, no baby hairs to lay down and no got2b glue that could damage your skin.

2.Quick & Easy To Wear

The headband wig is extremely convenient. Compared to wearing a traditional lace front wig, you don't need to spend making your wig look natural. You'll spend at most 10 minutes to put on your headband wig, wear a trendy headband and 'get up and go'! 

3.Convenient With No Lace And No Glue 

Human hair headband wigs are Very light, they are not as heavy as traditional lace front human hair wigs, but they're going to also cover the entire scalp. Wearing a head wig will feel as light and breathable as natural hair, which is extremely suitable for any weather. 

4.Super Natural Look 

The headband wig is very natural looking, and made with high quality human hair so the quality is not compromised. The highlight of the headband wig are the headbands that come in different syles, colors and patterns. There's no limit to the number of headbands you can own to match your mood and clothes. The headband wig can take you from casual to glam in seconds, depending on the headband you like.

5.With headband wigs, no more bad hair days

You can say goodbye to bad hair days.It works perfectly on a ‘bad hair day’ or a twist out or a lazy day. Match your dress, tops, or any outfits for normal and special occasions with the headband wig. 


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